Because of the rise in popularity of low-shedding dogs, Poodles are often used in the creation of Designer Dogs and this pooch is a classic example of that cross-breeding. The Jack-A-Poo brings together the Miniature Poodle which dates back to 16th century Germany and the Jack Russell terrier that hales from mid-1800’s England.

Care and Health

Health issues that present in pure-breds can often by-pass a cross of the breed and Jack-A-Poos are not known to suffer from any specific ailment. Medical conditions he may one day inherit from parent breeds could include Addison’s Disease, Von Willebrand’s, patellar luxation and other joint ailments.

Fun Fact

Jackapoo is often considered hypoallergenic

Good For

Families without any other dogs


intelligent, curious, lively, affectionate, stubborn


Size medium, short Fur, sheds medium, high energy.

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