The Samoyed has been identified as a basal breed that predates the emergence of the modern breeds in the 19th Century

Care and Health

The breed can be affected by a genetic disease known as Samoyed hereditary glomerulopathy, a kidney disease. They should be bathed at least twice a year for his health and comfort. Bathe right after the wool has been combed out, this will remove loose dead hairs and clean the skin; this stimulates the growth of his new coat, trim toenails every three weeks, check teeth for discoloration which can be removed with a toothbrush and paste.

Fun Fact

They are one of those 14 dog breeds that somehow belong to the wolves' family. Either one of their parent breeds has wolf genes.

Good For

Family Dog


intelligent, loyal, and good-natured


Size large, medium Fur, sheds a lot, medium energy.

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